Time Runs Fast

Posted by on Tue, February 27, 2007

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Well it felt like yesterday since 2007 came and said hello to us. And now it’s already the end of February? Wow. One of my favorite thing about February is that anyone who was born on the 29th of February actually grow older slower, only one fourth of the normal person 😉

Have any one of you actually reached your goals or resolution for 2007 yet? Well some might have done so well, like some bloggers I see in the Internet are actually already claiming themselves to be ProBlogger. Well there’s nothing wrong with that, good for them! It’s not like there exist any kind of authority to award the title. No, being a ProBlogger is not my target, although one of the reasons I blog is to improve my writing skills. I dream of writing a book someday, maybe.

Alright, so I wish everyone a happy March, a happy April, and be happy all year round!

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