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Posted by on Tue, October 18, 2005

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I didn’t stumbled onto this website, but I needed info from them as I tried to email them lots of time with no replies:


Surf the web with City Broadband, Cyberjaya’s premier internet service provider.

When you click on more


There’s no DNS entry for the domain!!!!!

This top notch service is provided by Setia Haruman Technologies, a subsidiary of Setia Haruman. And people in Cyberview Gardens, Cyberview Lodge, D’Melor – all tied up. Streamyx can’t penetrate the buildings since they are all governed by Setia Haruman. Talk about monopoly huh?! I’m not sure about Cyberia.

Again, on this page you’ll see a link to City Broadband, and it seems that it is the only business of SHTECH. Not something shocking since they charce ~RM500 for 256kbps connections.

And… how would you enjoy a website like this. Childish and idiotic phrase "16 August 2005 – New website is up. Hope you enjoy it" is beyond my understanding.

Setia Haruman site: 

"The City Command Centre (CCC) acts as a Central Monitoring Hub to monitor, manage and implement key services. Basically, all of the city’s management system is integrated into one centre. Therefore, residents will not have to deal with long list of bureaucratic units.

The Backbone of the Future

CCC is the ‘brain’ of the city, providing single management of traffic, utilities, community facilities, municipal services and public amenities through a seamless integration of systems and services:

Advanced Traffic Management – The traffic flow will be coordinated through an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) to ensure smooth traffic flow. The network of roads will be constantly monitored for fast response to emergency situations. Other monitoring systems set in place include the Global Positioning System (GPS) which will track the public transportation to provide timely information for commuters, while the Geographical Information System (GIS) will provide up-to-date digital maps of the city for easy planning.

Integrated Utilities Management – By centralising the source of information on various utilities, the CCC offers a convenience to residents that will soon become the norm in the city. For example, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system will allow effective coordination and management of billing, fault reporting, maintenance and monitoring of all services.

Interactive Community Services – The CCC enables a range of services to be provided, enhancing the lifestyles of the city’s residents. The range of services cover aspects such as city services, education, health, security and entertainment, making living in Cyberjaya a more enjoyable and stress free experience.

Municipal and Public Amenities – The municipal’s range of services will be online, whereby the public can provide feedback such as suggestions, ideas and complaints. Residents will be able to access a variety of information from their homes or offices via the Web.

The CCC can be accessed via a variety of ways:

  • Customer Service Counter at the CCC building
  • Telephone service and interactive voice response (IVR) system
  • Interactive television and personal computers at home and office
  • Mobile data terminals and kiosks at public areas

For more information, please visit"


Today is the 18th of October 2005. If anybody can show me at least one working kiosk in Cyberjaya, I’m willing to treat that person for dim-sum in Cyberjaya (which is not cheap).

The CCC looks dead. Intelligent City? I beg to differ. Nobody cares about Cyberjaya. Makan gaji buta. 🙁


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