RegisterFly Gets Ditched By eNom

Posted by on Wed, February 7, 2007

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

One little, meaningful email from my mailbox:

This is a formal notice to owners of domains which have been registered through eNom via its reseller,


Although you purchased your name at RegisterFly, eNom is the actual registrar of record for your domains. As we are severing our relationship with RegisterFly, we are aware that this may have an impact on you as the domain owner.
Therefore we would like to offer this opportunity to assist you in securing control of your domain name directly with eNom.

Over the last year, eNom has become aware of an increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers.

As an eNom reseller, RegisterFly is contractually bound to adhere to certain standards of customer service in a speedy and diligent manner. Therefore, effective immediately, we have terminated RegisterFly as a reseller of domain names through eNom.

eNom has come to its senses, as when people buy domains from RegisterFly, eNom’s name gets displayed as well. It used to be like that; now RegisterFly is a fully accredited registrar by its own. The question is, isn’t there any control or qualification rules needed by ICANN to allow a company to be an accredited ICANN registrar?

Update: It turns out that when the domains are transferred to eNom we get an extended renewal for free! A domain I had which expired on the 17th Jan 2007 was renewed even though I was ready to let it go. Maybe this is a sign, and I should do something with that domain?

Update: It turns out that the domains are indeed expired. They keep it for themselves, the expired date shown on a whois query is one year later but the system says it’s expired. 🙂

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