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Posted by on Mon, February 22, 2010

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On the road, one should not only think about oneself but about others. If the road is made only for 2 parallel vehicles, don’t make it three. But then again people don’t care.

For example: Who is more despicable, queue jumper or new queue maker?. I like this post so much I am borrowing his images.

The red car is the offending car, black car is my car, yellow cars are other road users. This is a diamond intersection, with traffic lights.


When the lights turn green the 1600cc Proton Gen-2 tried to accelerate but I caught on him really fast so he blocked my way. If I didn’t see him coming from the left what would have happened?


If I was driving a hummer, or a truck I would just hit him on the side and kept driving, pushing him off the ledge of the elevated road. That should teach him a lesson. But I was driving a compact MPV, with my family inside.

Here’s the offender.


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  • Azli

    From the ugly spoiler and skirting, you can guess what kind if driver is in the car.

    When I see these kinda people, I normally block their way if they try to cut in my lane. Did this quite a few
    times. Next is to change my horn to those airhorn train types for the final intimidation factor.

    • ady

      When I buy a Hummer in a few years time, I will just push him over the bridge. But then again, I don’t think people are that stupid to compete with a Hummer side by side.