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Posted by on Fri, March 9, 2007

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So you’re a blogger? Are you a member of PayPerPost? Maybe you’ve heard about PostieCon 07, and then again maybe not.

This is a damn cool way for PPP to educate bloggers on building traffic, building readership, and to use your brand to realize value and monetize your thoughts. The event is a blogging conference, and some of the world�s biggest bloggers will be invited to the event.

PostieCon 07 will be held in Orlando, Florida. I wish I have enough PPP income to support my trip over there as this is not an event to be missed! I really envy US bloggers, especially those from around Florida. If only I have some kind of teleporting powers, or the ability to bend time and space.

The keynote speaker is Robert Scoble from Two of the featured speakers on the front page are David Ponce from and Michelle Madhok from If you are also an established blogger, you become a speaker too. I would love to see someone from the Asia continent to be a speaker for this event. Not me of course, I am not qualified, plus I am not a full time blogger.

At the bottom of the PostieCon 07 site, they also mention that if you wear a PayPerPost gear you’ll get a surprise gift. I’ve browsed through the gear site as well and the merchandise over there are not at all expensive. I am thinking of ordering one myself.

So if you can attend, go on and register as I am sure there will be so many people attending the event and you have to book your space!

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