O2 Broadband. Customer Loyalty. Rewarded

Posted by on Wed, November 30, 2011

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A friend living in the UK asked my opinion on which provider he should choose for his Internet needs. He showed me a few options and O2 Broadband is definitely the winner.

I have heard about issues with customer support before but the truth is we’re all humans and we’re hard to be pleased. From the customer point of view, there will always be something wrong with every provider. Agree?

One thing I’ve always liked about companies in the UK and US is that they usually reward their existing customers well. Since my friend is already an O2 customer, he’ll get £5.00 less per month and the connection fee of £25.53 is waived.

In Malaysia, being a long time customer of the largest communication companies like company T (since forever) and company M (since 2003), I’ve received no benefit whatsoever when signing up for new services.

From my observation, most companies abroad don’t mess with download speed. They offer flat speeds, same for everyone and just change the max download limit or provide other value added service like static IPs. Honestly when there are too many speed options to choose from it’s not easy to make a decision.

O2 Broadband provides 20M speed for all three packages, and only the first basic package is capping download at 20GB which makes sense for the price. Unlimited downloads for other packages. Nice.

As a not so direct comparison, I’m currently on a basic package with 5M speed and 60GB max downloads. 5M speed is already sufficient, but the max download cap is not so.

In the end I suggested my friend to take the second package, “The All Rounder” so that he can download as much as he wants. And since he’s already an O2 customer for more than 2 years, he’ll get 6 months free broadband.

Customer loyalty. Rewarded.

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