New Maybank2u Sucks

Posted by on Fri, October 17, 2008

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Yesterday I was trying to pay my overdue house rental that I have forgotten to pay because of the Hari Raya holidays (sorry landlord!). When I load Maybank2u it was fine at a glance, and the new design looks super cool!

However when I tried to login and use the functions I was disappointed. Logging in takes ages, and the pages seems to time out a lot. With the nice design, a simple addition of an AJAX loading image makes the site looks like an AJAX application. It’s most certainly not – Firebug helped me confirm. And for whatever reason the AJAX loading image is displayed on top of text. Go figure.

While navigating through the site I received errors multiple time, at at one time while loading it logged me out because the session has expired.

Yes, I am complaining because I am a regular user of Maybank2u. Please do something?

[UPDATE] Maybank2u has disabled the new interface. Now when you click on the login button you’ll be brought to its old interface. Thanks for that.

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  • Hmm, I thought they had AJAX running that’s why the loading status was there.

    But you know what’s worst, while the overly is there you’re trapped without being able to cancel it. LOL!

  • Yeah. I am with you man. The new Maybank2u does suck.

    Me post about this :

  • paing

    Maybank2u still sucks…
    After loading it shows empty space.
    When reload it logs us out.
    I want old m2u !!!