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Posted by on Mon, January 12, 2009

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When I was using Europa I was baffled by the inability to get line numbers to be displayed in my Perl source codes (using EPIC). Since PDT 2.0 has been released I decided to upgrade to Ganymede (3.4.1) but I still face the same issue:


I was thinking that the right-click context menu might be defective so I decided to thoroughly dig the preferences.


Guess what? Nothing happened. I finally realized that there is a separate setting honored by EPIC:


Now I am happy. Is this only my problem or anyone out there is facing the same issue?

My overall experience so far with Ganymede is great. The software update menu works faster and the dependency solver no longer freezes my machine. Bravo to the Eclipse Foundation. I decided to upgrade my Aptana plugin as well. Let’s see how it goes.

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  • HI, I search the eclipse EPIC line number in google.
    Your post is helpful.^^
    Have a nice day~^^

    • ady

      You’re welcome, glad it helped.

  • poof65

    Same problem, same solution except i had already noticed epic text editor options in preferences dialog.

    • ady

      Good for you

  • Pete Howell

    You are a SAVIOR. Who knows how many hours I was going to waste before I figured this out.