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Posted by on Thu, December 22, 2005

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The previous post was posted 100% as I have written it inside my text editor to preserve originality. Yes I can change the post date but I just want to demonstrate the misery I’ve had for the last few weeks.

On Monday, 19th of December I went to Taipan (USJ), to convert my prepaid to postpaid (and subscribe to unlimited 3G) and get rid of Streamyx once and for all. Arrived at Maxis at about 12:45 after looking for a parking spot. At Maxis, we asked the front desk what to do, fill in a form, and voila! 15 minutes later we finished all procedures. All we have to do is wait for 2-3 hours before the new sim cards are activated.

As the TM Point is in the same road as Maxis Centre, I went there to terminate my Streamyx line. Arrived at 13:15, and waited exactly 1 hour before being called. They only have one TMNET counter (out of total 10). Oh well whatever. The officer at the counter was being nice and try to be helpful – this I can’t deny. However, since our Streamyx has only been subscribed since May 2005, she said we can’t terminate it. If we still want to terminate, a penalty will be imposed – pay until finish one year. Actually when I came in I already made a letter of complaint, and since this is a crazy case as I can’t use my Internet at all, I thought they can make an exception. I was wrong. She insists that we continue our subscription, and she’ll help. OK. Then she promised that she can look into a rebate for the period we can’t use the Internet.

The funny thing is that she encouraged me not to call 1-300-88-9515. She put it nicely: "1-300 as brought us a lot of problems. Next time you have problems just come here.". Honestly, I wish I can do that. Really. 

At the counter, we explained what was wrong and waited like 30 minutes as she ransacked her notebooks for phone numbers of Serdang TM/TMNET offices. In my head I was cursing that the biggest telecommunication company in Malaysia does not have a proper directory service at hand. Oh well.

After identifying the source, she called "Adi" the technician – a contractor (see previous post). The guy was clueless and said to the officer that he had made an appointment for today – until she handed the phone to me. Next thing I know is that I  made an appointment with the guy for 17:00 at my house. OK let’s see what he can do. Before we leave, I told the officer that I really want that rebate since I don’t want to pay for what I don’t use.

Back at home, I waited until 17:30 then I called the guy up. He said he was on his way. OK. He finally arrived at 17:45 and I  have already set up my notebook and the modem downstairs.

He looked at it and confirmed that it is a problem with TMNET. He said there was a major problem with our connection (our lines are connected using optical fiber) and all the TM engineers are on leave. He said that he can’t do anything else for me. I said to him that I need him to be my witness when I explain to the TM officer. He said OK. He also mentioned that another customer in another road (in the same area as me) is having a same problem as well. Oh really? And yet TMNET is not doing anything.

I have already emailed that TM Point officer to tell her what happened, and expressed my concerns about the bills. I also told her that I have entirely disconnected my ADSL modem, and will only reconnect after TMNET has confirmed that the problem is solved. I also told her that I want that rebate to cover 4th December 2005 until the problem is solved. I still have no reply from her, and I’m going to call her tomorrow. 

ADSL technology doesn’t suck, and the brand Streamyx does not suck. I put the blame on people selected to manage and maintain it – TMNET.

I’m not sure what’s next but for sure I am quite happy with my 3G connection, eventhough it is in GRPS mode (~115kbps). I wish Maxis will cover my area with 3G soon. At least, it’s reliable and no packet losses. I’m connected with the most expensive modem ever ~RM1600 Sony Ericsson K600i. It’s my modem and I use it only for connecting to the Internet (I use my SE K750i for everything else). I’d go for the card but I was thinking that RM1k+ for a card is too crazy, especially since technology is expanding too fast. What am I going to use the card for later when there’s 4G or later technologies? At least I have a phone.

Last night, I even managed to connect with my SE K600i on Linux! I’ll post the details on configuring pppd for GRPS later when I have time (If you are desperate for this info do email me personally as I don’t know when’s the next time I will post again). In fact, I am posting this entry using pppd on Linux via SE K600i 😉 Cool.

Until then, see you later.

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