If You Want to Be Selfish, Do it Smart

Posted by on Sat, February 26, 2011

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Late Friday afternoon, tired from the week’s work, I encountered this on the road. Approaching a crossroad with traffic lights, it turned red for those going straight. From behind, there’s this Proton Iswara swerving dangerously to the right taking the right lane for vehicles turning right. Fine.

Detecting that there’s a car on that lane, the traffic light turned green for the car but the car didn’t move. There is no car turning right from the opposite direction so it’s obvious who triggered it. So, everyone intending to go straight (on both directions) had to wait for the right turn lights to change. Precious 3 minutes wasted.

If this queue jumper did not illegally take that lane, the lights wouldn’t have changed to green at all for right turn and will immediately change to green for those going straight.

The driver is XX and I think an MMU student judging from the age and the final destination. Perhaps there is no sensor enabled traffic light in the place where the driver comes from.

If you really want to be notorious and inconsiderate on the road, please do it right. It’s sad how people like these usually think that they are cool to do that but and do not realize that they have made a fool out of themselves. And not to mention, endangering others on the road.

Always be considerate. And no, driving 10km/h is not being considerate either.

By the way people, if you are in Cyberjaya for any reason at all please be careful on the road. Taxi drivers and students alike tend to speed with no reason, turn without signaling, and make illegal U-turns. Pedestrians usually walk and cross the roads like they are invincible or something, I don’t know why.

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