Huge Car, Small Brain – Naza Ria BJT8849

Posted by on Wed, July 2, 2008

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Cleaning up my cell phone storage I found these images I took in April. The location is Jusco Equine car park, in front of KFC.

You can clearly see the yellow line and the huge Naza Ria was parked too far to the left, and I was not able to open the driver side door. I had to use the passenger side door to get into the car.

Huge car, small brain.

Stupid Naza Ria BJT8849

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  • lol… at first i thought it was yussman’s car. hahhaha.
    ok but from my quick observation, it seems like you also park near to the yellow line.. 😛

  • ady

    OK, please see this diagram. I was still within my own parking space. The difference is between “near” and “on” the line. Obviously the Ria was parking on the buffer space. 🙂

  • Some people are just too dumb to park their car.

  • wahh got diagram some more… huhuhuuu. now clearly that car owner brain didn’t match his car. lol