Funny Thing (And A Pain In The Ass)

Posted by on Wed, March 23, 2005

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

I have tried like 7 times to contact netmyne for a quotation for their server hosting service. The answer is the same for the last 6 times – we’ll fax you the quotation. However, today I had a different experience where the CS officer gave me a reseller number to call. Weird. Server hosting reseller. Does TMNet has to resell everything? I called the reseller and the reseller promised to call me back. Let’s see how long this will take.

The funny thing is when I refer to the HANDBOOK FOR MSC-STATUS COMPANIES where inside it (page 7 to be exact) there’s a list of available IP providers. The book also brag about IP Infrastructure and Service:

“Companies can be assured of a direct, high speed, reliable and seamless Internet connection to Japan, US, and South East Asia with minimum aggregate bandwidth of 400Mbps.”

It goes on and on and on. I feel that MDC is really taking things too lightly. The so called “Bill of Guarantee” is just a list, not really an implementation.

This is really a disappointment, especially for International companies that need good IP infrastructure and services. As a Malaysian, I am embarassed of this fact.

Signing off…

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