Bluetooth Headset For Sale

Posted by on Sat, December 16, 2006

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A friend of mine is trying to sell off her Jabra Bluetooth headset for a slightly below market price and she complained that the item did not sell on eBay. Since Ive never sell anything on eBay and never even buy anything from eBay, I have to look around for tips and guide on how to make a powerful sell on eBay and how to actually make profit out of it.

I came across eBay auction template which Im not sure whether it will help my friend to sell her Bluetooth or not. But the tips and guide on the website do look credible to try. Oh another tips I read, try to time the end date of the auction when your tons of potential buyers are actually able to spend at least half an hour in from of their PC, watching the countdown. Otherwise you will miss the 5-minute-to-end bid-war.

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