Blogging Frenzy

Posted by on Thu, August 28, 2008

▼ A d v e r t i s e m e n t

There is an interesting development at my current office where people are starting to create their own, self-hosted WordPress installations. This is a very good culture! And all this thanks to Mr Rizal, the blogging evangelist (or should I say WordPress evangelist?).

I hope he’s not just doing this because he’s leaving us soon! Sob, sob!

Bravo you guys, keep up the good work. When you are ready just let me know, I still have space in my blogroll. Or, do I?

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  • Blogging tsunami can say 🙂

  • ady

    Tsunami is too huge 😉

  • hopefully they just not register only…must active…hehehe

  • salah ayat daaa…
    hopefully they not just register…but must active posting..heheh

  • ady

    Yes, to be honest I hope they will be as active as you even though I myself can’t challenge you in that area 😉

  • learn from the master :D…master lan pet pet aka fantastic 4

  • yeah, it’s good.
    my web browser tab is now full when i decide to visit blog from my own blogroll 🙂

    keep the posting coming all… 🙂

  • is like a blogging machine gun, spitting 200-300 post/sec 😀

  • ady

    @dirn: Are you high?

    @nazham: that’s a blogger on turbo, and the brake is malfunctioning 😉

  • hahaha..i can’t stop writing..keep thinking what to post… addict to blog..