Bank Simpanan Nasional Should Provide Better Service

Posted by on Thu, June 3, 2010

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I was instructed by my financial advisor to apply for the Al-Aiman credit card because of the low cash advance fee, to execute in a financial program, so I did and I got approved.

However I received 2 cards (both Visa and MasterCard) although I only applied for a Visa card. Something fishy is going on, and I suspect the person who processed the forms ticked both boxes for me.

With other banks, credit card requests are simply done via phone. After some verifications, things should be done and we get immediate verification.

I received BSN credit card statements 2 weeks ago with the Government service tax fee of RM50 for each card. I called BSN “Card Services Department” at 03-2142-5258 and were told to fax a cancellation letter to 03-2162-2659 and I did so on the 25th of May 2010.

Today is the due date for the cards, and I wanted to make sure that one of the cards have been canceled. However, the person at the line transfered me to the other line saying that I need to speak with “Credit Card Department”. So “Credit Card Department” is different from “Card Services Department” but I take this as an effort to deviate work to someone else which is something very normal for most Government employees.

The person told me that she has to check whether they have received the fax, and there is a possibility that the letter has been put into KIV because I have not made my payment of RM50 yet. I said to her that I don’t want to pay that RM50 because I didn’t apply for 2 cards. I will pay only for one card. She told me that she will have to check the form. If there is a tick on the box then she cannot do anything. Right, a tick will determine whether I will have to pay RM50 and that tick could have been made by anyone in the bank.

The person at the other line didn’t even introduce her name, and hung up when I paused for a breath, so that I would not rage. How professional. Well done BSN. This is the exact reason why I stopped being your customer since 15 years ago. It’s like calling a grocery store. No standard and no training. Calls were picked up after 1 minute of ringing.

Well I don’t think those people will understand this post anyway. It’s in English. It’s just a warning to anyone considering the bank for any kind of service at all.

Avoid BSN by all means unless you really have to. They are the lousiest bank ever. In Malaysia at least.

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