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Posted by on Thu, March 11, 2010

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Due to the ranting nature of this post, reader discretion is advised. Some language may be offensive.

More than a year ago, I became an Amway agent just because I needed to buy some recommended products from them. This was done by contacting an agent in the forums, in the Internet. When explained that I needed to buy something, the agent immediately said if I join her the next purchase of the same products will be registered under my account. What a liar. But that’s not the reason why Amways sucks so much. That’s a dishonest agent, or now I call her the upline.

I repeated in buying the same product again, and in May 2009 when I moved home the product never reached my home even after almost a week. When called, Amway kept saying “tomorrow”. I finally went to the HQ in Petaling Jaya and asked them what the f*ck they are doing. Their reason was that they were in the midst of moving office, to the newer larger center. I don’t need a f*cking reason like that from a company that size. In the end even the delivery charges were not refunded. One thing I particularly remembered was that the customer support officers who picked up the phones were stupid, rude, and does not speak proper English.

As casual bloggers, my wife and I do have some posts reviewing the products and at the same time promoting to whoever is interested.

Yesterday Amway called and asked us to remove all blog posts related to their products. The shitty reason they gave was that Amway is “people to people” business. What f*cking stupid reason is that? Since when do cows, dogs, pigs, and barnyard animals read blogs? If they ask us to remove the posts because E.T. kept visiting their office that would be a much better reason.

Those blog posts are not even formal channel to promote Amway products, they are simply stories. Amway did put this in their rules, about how they don’t allow agents to promote through the Internet. But then again look in the forums!

And yes, this time the same unprofessional and rude person called, with hard to understand English.

Perfect timing, Amway. I was just considering your water filter products. Now, Diamond is the way to go. “American Way” should perish from the face of Malaysia. You can take your rules with you, 6 feet down under.

P/S (1): Nothing against America / USA I love the country
P/S (2): If you’re an Amway dealer, consider emailing me for a better business opportunity than Amway shit.

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  • mus

    bro, untuk water filter kalau tak nak pening kepala.. choose coway. pay only rm100 per month.

    fyi diamond is using coway components inside 😉

    1. water quality and taste, confirm terbaik.. bley compare dgn other brand
    2. own research and production. other brand usually buy components from other manufacture
    3. maintenance every 2 months. tak pening kepala nak tukar filter ke cuci sendiri ke
    4. low price. rm60 – rm120 per month depending on model.
    5. best design.. petit is the best choice for small family. offer hot,warm,cold and siap ada storage tank.. so tak perlu tunggu air fill baru bley minum.
    6. kalau low pressure.. boleh opt kepada model yg ada builtin water pump.
    7. 50% users in korea are using coway.
    8. go check on most famous kopitiam/spa center.. all of them use coway
    9. tak perlu credit card pun takpe.. bley buat monthly payment ikut maybank

    banyak lagilah kelebihan.. kalau nak taste mai lah jalan2 ke rumah.. tapi satulah.. saya tak jual.. website tu adik yg punya

  • mus

    haa.. lagi satu… banyak big companies pakai coway for their office pantries.. model chosen biasanya metro.. shell and tsystems sendiri total dah lebih 40 bijik