Why I Will Never Buy From Senheng Ever Again

Posted by on Thu, July 3, 2014

I’m still alive and before I reach the point of one year without writing anything in this blog, I thought that I should write something. Have been busy with life.

I’ve been frowning upon the “as long as it works” mentality with Malaysians since I was born. People are providing services without qualifications, and doing lousy job all around the place without thinking of the consequences.

One of the most dangerous is uncertified electricians. Some guy with a test pen is usually all it takes to become an appointed electrician for big retail chains.


As you can guess from the title, I am very angry with Senheng at the moment. We’ve been their customers for years, and have purchased washing machines, fridges, and even air conditioner units. Luckily nothing has been broken before but about few months ago we bought a water heater unit from them and last week the thing has started to cause the fuse in the main distribution box to trip.

Senheng contacted Panasonic for warranty, and when they inspected the installation the wrong wire gauge was used from the wall to the unit. We are somewhat lucky that the house is equipped with dedicated wiring from the main distribution box to the water heater points and air conditioner points. However, something must have overheated and caused a short circuit. Something might have melted. So the Panasonic guy told us to contact Senheng to tell them that their wireman made a faulty installation.

Another spectacular fact about Malaysian businesses is that when they say they will call you back, it’s not going to happen. You have to call them again and again to follow up.

According to Senheng, we have to call their wireman and we will be charged separately for the work done to fix the faulty installation. Yes you read that right. We pay for the lousy work done by one of their contractors. What a nice way to avoid responsibility. If we have to pay for the fix, why would we call the same wireman who installed a smaller wire not rated for water heaters? It’s obvious that the contractor isn’t certified and not really sure what he was doing.

It’s just terrible. Also by calling an electrical shop doesn’t mean that you’ll get a certified electrician to do the work. The company or business might be registered to a person who is qualified but that’s it. They are free to hire anyone they like.

Look, even if the initial installation wasn’t free we really don’t mind paying to get excellent service – because we need the water heater. But you’re a big chain with a big reputation and we have to pay money to your contractor for their own incompetent work? Come on. Being free doesn’t mean that you can do a bad work especially when it is relating to a dangerous resource like electricity.

That water heater is the last item I will ever purchase from Senheng. Their lack of responsibility is making me sick. To think about those extended warranties they offer… and not wanting to take responsibility. Wow. Just wow.

Considering how Malaysians don’t really care of the services provided, I know this will mean that we will have one less option to choose from. It will not change unless people demand their rights and exercise their voice. You can still be relatively polite to express your feelings.

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